Volunteer Opportunities

As our organization continues to grow, Promise in Brevard is seeking volunteers to help us achieve our dreams. With three new social enterprises set to open in 2018, it is an exciting time for all of us, especially our young adults with special needs. As with our first enterprise, the Promise Treasures Thrift Shoppe, our generous volunteers continue to be the backbone of our success. We depend on the support of our community, and we value each and every one of these community volunteers for helping us reach our goal of providing a paycheck and a purpose for our “Promisers.” Your support is extremely significant. Please help us in continuing to make a difference.

We are seeking community volunteers to assist at the following enterprises, each of which will be open to the public during regular business hours:
• Promise Treasures Thrift Shoppe
• Promise Café & Bakery/Gift Shop
• Promise Creative Arts Center
• Promise Hydroponic Garden

If you are interested in joining our Promise family, contact:

Carla Hilliard
Volunteer Coordinator
(321) 722-7400, Ext. 111