Our Mission

Promise, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 2009 that was designed to provide affordable, independent housing for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities utilizing public and private partnerships to develop a model community.

Our Vision

To empower our residents with social, educational and meaningful employment opportunities by actively supporting full inclusion within the community to live a life never thought possible.

Our Core Values

Personal Choice: Promise respects our residents’ independence and honors their choice on how they live, work, learn, worship and socialize.

Respect: Promise believes that all people are valuable in their ability and will treat all fairly.

Opportunity: Promise will provide opportunities for employees and residents to thrive by accepting ideas, providing venues for growth, sharing and learning.

Model: Promise believes we will be a community that can be used as a model across the country.

Integrity: Promise believes that it is essential to operate at the highest levels of honesty, responsibility and professionalism.

Sustainability: Promise will strive to make decisions to ensure the longevity of our community.

Excellence: Promise strives to be a place where people do their best to enhance the lives of those they live with, work with and serve.